Who we are, What we do and What we want

We have always know that China is not a free country. However, that might not be an issue for a lot of people.

“You can still make money.” they say.

“People can afford to go travel abroad now.” they say.

“We have one of the best military forces in the world!” they say.

“Who needs Facebook or YouTube? We’ve got way better social websites.” they say.

“You are just being brainwashed by western propaganda. Western-style democracy will never work in China.” they say.

Who are they?

They are our classmates who we went to primary school, middle school or high school together. They are our friends who are enthusiastic about their start-ups in Shanghai or Shenzhen. They are our parents, who grew up in the crazy times of Cultural Revolution, but still thinks “there was equality for everyone under Mao.”

Freedom, or liberty, doesn’t matter to them.

But it does. Yes, it does matter to them. It does matter to us. And it does matter to YOU.

We are a bunch of overseas Chinese students who think the economic success of China should not, and can not overshadow the lack of freedom, democracy and rule of law in China. We live in different continents in the world, and have realized the values of freedom and democracy. We study history, politics, economics, law, international relations, mathematics, engineering, medicine and journalism. We want to do something to change the status quo in China– NOT overthrowing the regime, but changing people’s minds.

And we know who you are. You are reading this, in English. You are probably using some “unblock GFW” apps to access this website. You are curious about what is really going on outside, or inside China. And you are our hope, our most powerful weapon, and most formidable force to push our nation forward.

Even we are overseas, we know what’s going on in China. We know it’s harder and harder to “fanqiang” because of the advanced technology they use. We know many blogs in China or Chinese language have been censored and are not accessible again. We know you are craving for true news, not state media’s “there are only 35 causalities” bullshit. And we know you are not sure what to believe. VOA? American propaganda. DaJiYuan? Give me a break, Falungong. We want to become your independent source of information, without any outside influence agenda, with only one objective: we need to move our nation forward. By forward we mean, freedom, democracy and rule of law.

But these three terms are so overused and we all don’t have the patience to figure out what they really mean. So let’s start with only one objective. Let’s start with the easiest one. The Rule of Law.

China is not a lawless country– in fact, we have a well-established judicial system that gives people the right to argue in court. But we all know, the laws are just written words in the books, it’s the people who make all the decisions. The first step to move our nation forward, is to start to make the government do things according to the law.

Unfortunately, the government in China could care any less about the law. It is appalling to hear that they started to target lawyers who represent citizens in court. It is not even THEIR interests, but their clients’ interests that they were fighting for, but they are thrown into jail because of their clients’ causes and objectives.

According to various sources, there are over 200 lawyers and social activists have been arrested,  lost contact or monitored since July 2015, including some who were released after intimidating conversations with the police authorities. For the released ones, they were told not to represent their troublesome clients anymore, or they are making troubles to society. And the consequence of being a troublemaker– do you want to be one of the not-releaseds?

This, is outrageous. This is probably not the first time we feel the outrage about the regime, but it is a trigger for us to connect, united and voice ourselves as a whole. We can wait for freedom and democracy, but we can’t wait for justice. And we can’t wait for justice for people who help others to pursue justice. We, as overseas Chinese students, demand the release of the lawyers immediately, and will launch campaigns and protests to pursue this goal. We are not financially sponsored or influenced by any organization, but we fight with a common identity– the concerned overseas Chinese students.

This website has one and only one function– to exchange information about the affected lawyers in China. We call ourselves the “Global Alliance for Chinese Human Rights Lawyers,” and “China for Justice” for short. We will post original, translated or re-posted articles on the situations of the lawyers and encourage your contribution. We will post articles anonymously, only show contributor/translator’s initials, in order to protect our members’ identities. But this will not make us weaker in voice because we hereby create a common identity– the concerned overseas Chinese students. We need your help, to collect and publish the information on these lawyers and give them the international attention they deserve. We will fight overseas just like we’re sure you will fight with us hand-in-hand in China.

We also have a twitter account which will be used a means of broader circulation. Please follow @ChinaForJustice, and write direct messages to us. If you want to contribute, china4justice@gmail.com will be the best way to reach us. We will appreciate your work, just like we know you will appreciate us.

Let’s get to work, and move our nation forward.

S. Y.
August 19, 2015
Washington, D.C.


About Global Alliance for Chinese Human Rights Lawyers

We are overseas Chinese students who believe China's economic success cannot overshadow the lack of freedom, democracy and rule of law. We are currently focused on the issue of the government's crackdown of human rights lawyers in China. Contents include original, re-post and translated articles on advocating the release of these lawyers. Please use hashtag #ChinaForJustice to find us on twitter.
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