【TRANSLATION】Over Ten Thousand Arrested for “Internet Crimes”

Please take a look at this article. This is why we keep this blog/website in English only. We are here for an educated and curious audience in and outside China. And the authorities have not evolved to understand English, we guess…

August 18, 2015

(From DW Chinese) According to the website of China’s Ministry of Public Security, the police forces have launched “Operation Cleansing the Net,” which aims at cracking down internet-related crimes since July. Up until now, the police forces have investigated over 7400 cases on internet-related crimes, and arrested more than 15 thousand suspects.

The ministry said the next step would be fiercer; the police forces will focus on investigating some important cases, cracking down internet-related crimes and prosecute the suspects.

According to Reuters, China has the most advanced internet censorship tool in the world—the Great Fire Wall.

After President Xi Jinping came to power, the Chinese government reinforced the internet censorship.

According to Chinanews.com, police authorities all over the country have directed the internet providers to cleanse information about violence, pornography and online gambling, and over 190 thousand entries and 66 thousand websites have been shut down.

After the Tianjin Explosion, over 50 websites have been shut down temporarily, according to the Office of Internet Information of China. These websites have either “fabricated” the false information of “Over 1000 died in Tianjin Explosion,” or let users to post false information from Weibo, WeChat on their platforms without verifying the sources. These websites have been accused of “spreading apocalyptic atmosphere” online and becoming hubs for false information, therefore they should be condemned and prosecuted.

Original article (In Chinese): http://dw.com/p/1GHJp

Translator: N. W.

20 August, Munich, Germany.


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